Birthday Presents

What Birthday Presents To Buy For Your Four-Year-Old

It’s important to be careful you have to be when selecting a birthday present for your child. You have to make sure it shows how much you love them, but you don’t want to spoil them. Handing cash over seems like such a dull idea, but so do candy, toys, or virtually any other gift idea out there. Don’t worry too much, though; when it comes to what birthday presents you should purchase for your little four years old, we’ve got some suggestions you’re bound to love.

Looking For Top Class Gifts?

If you’re looking for quality, quality, quality, then be prepared to splurge on the kid’s gift. You can get them a rocking horse for a whopping $1499, or a stuffed giraffe they can ride on, worth $1680. If that doesn’t satiate your desire for all things expensive, invest in a $230,000 playhouse – hey, it’s built to your liking by Flights of Fantasy playhouses!

Educational Gifts

Concerned parents who want to see their child excel in every field, even during their birthday, will want to spend their hard-earned money on a productive gift. Don’t go for the Rubik’s Cube yet. A jigsaw puzzle would be a smart choice, ranging from $8 to $20. The Blokus Board is new on the market. It’s a strategic board game for the development of spatial and logical skills in your child, and with a price tag of around $25, it is quite a bargain!

The Artistic Touch

Have a kid with a thirst for painting, singing or dancing? The I Can Play Guitar System comes for a slightly high price of around $120. You just have to plug it into the TV set, then watch your child rock to their favorite songs. A standing easel ($70) would bring tears of happiness in the eyes of your artistic four-year-old.

Girly Gifts

Barbie dolls are a favorite amongst young children, although they’re considered to be too girly’. But a four-year-old couldn’t care less. So perhaps the decision should be a Barbie Dream House play-set. The exorbitant rate may raise a few eyebrows ($289), but your child doesn’t need to know how expensive it was. If you’re still not convinced, get them a Barbie MP3 player ($38), with 512 megabytes of memory, expandable to up to 2 gigabytes.

Sporty Gifts

A Foam Pogo Jumper! For only $15, this is safe, fun and also super light on your pocket. Or you could get a T-ball set ($19), so your tiny tot can practice baseball within the safety of the house.

Equip yourself with this list of what birthday present to buy for the four-year-old child, and watch their face light up!